About Us

The Pioneer of Designed Chocolate Gifts

Promotional Chocolate4u’s goal is to help companies, corporations, and individuals capture and commemorate their most important moments in a delicious and unique way. We are a true pioneer of promotional and gift chocolates, with our range of printed chocolate greeting cards, business cards, and fully customizable printed chocolate gift sets.

We make products for birthdays, weddings, corporate events, and holiday events, leaving a lasting impression on those who make and receive our chocolates.

Refined Imprint Technology

There are many ways to express images on chocolate, but Promotional Chocolate4u has something special to set us ahead of the pack. Our refined imprint technology uses white chocolate as ink, allowing you to print life-like images on our 100% Belgian dark chocolate canvas.

Endless Possibilities

Promotional Chocolate4u offers a wide variety of packaging and product compositions, meaning that for you – the customer – the possibilities are endless.

Aside from our basic product offers on this site, we offer full customization to create a chocolate gift to fit your needs. To better achieve this, we have developed our own packaging for specific purposes – like specialized clear packaging to better showcase your designs, and notched packaging to securely mount chocolate products on cards.

Our specialized packaging is currently patent-pending, meaning you will only see these at Promotional Chocolate4u.