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Custom Business Chocolates

Our basic Custom Business Chocolate products are set up with our customers in mind. Our goal is to make it easy for anyone to upload the images and designs they want, so that our high-quality design chocolate is accessible to everyone.

All first time Custom Business Chocolate products come with a set-up fee of £65. Currently, you must add this as a separate item in your cart. You must pay the set-up fee per product, meaning if you order four separate Custom Chocolate Singles you must pay the set-up fee four (4) times. These fees cover us preparing and optimizing your image files for printing in 100% white chocolate.

We store customer designs for one year. If you would like to make a repeat order with no design changes within that time frame there is no need to pay the set-up fee. Simply place an order for the same product and enter your previous Order # in the Design Requests box at the bottom of the Customise screen. (Your Order # can be found in your confirmation email.)


  • Chocolate Design

Images to be printed on chocolate may be prepared as .jpg, .png, .ai, or .psd files.

For image files (JPG, PNG) or Photoshop files (PSD), make sure your images have a high enough resolution to ensure a clear printed image. Illustrator files (AI) are possible for logos that require a sharper finish.

After selecting your desired product, click Customise to begin setting up your chocolate. Upload your images for each piece (referring to the template) and place your images as desired.

All images will be automatically converted to black and white to imitate the appearance of our design chocolate. The production of the final product may differ, but provided they are of an adequate size we will do our best to give a life-like reproduction of your images.

sample image of the custom design chocolate order page

Non-image files (PSD, AI) must be submitted separately. Currently we accept these files through our set-up fee product page, the same as your logo or design for packaging (see below). You can upload up to ten (10) files regardless of file type. Place your order as normal, but leave the corresponding chocolate segments empty or use placeholders and leave a note for us in the Design Requests box on the Customise page. We appreciate if you submit the files clearly labeled with their usage/location, as it makes it easier for us to produce your order in the highest quality possible.

(Example: [company name], etc.)

Please note that all chocolate prints are surrounded by a thin white chocolate border. This is to prevent running, bubbling, or other errors in your chocolate prints.


  • Packaging Design

Images or designs to be printed on the outer packaging must if at all possible be prepared as Illustrator files (.ai). This allows us to reproduce your logo, text, and/or designs in a size and dimension suitable for our packaging, without worrying about distortion, pixelation, or broken images.

Our basic Custom Business Chocolate sets come in boxes made of Plike paper, with your logo or design foil stamped in the color of your choice. Boxes are available in ten (10) colours, with twenty (20) options available for foil stamping. You can select your package and foil colour on the Customise page.

Logo and design files must be submitted separately. Currently we accept these files through our set-up fee product page. We would appreciate if you clearly name your logo or design file. (Example: [company name], [company name]

Packaging logos and text for basic made-to-order products are placed in the center of the packaging lid by default.

All package and logo colours in the Customise screen are a simple representation, and may appear different depending on your screen settings.

We also accept fully customized package designs, printed in full color with CMYK offset printing. Check our Bespoke Orders page for details and to submit any inquiries regarding price quotes.

sample image of the custom chocolate customisation screen

  • Paper-Based Products

MoreThanChocolate has a variety of custom chocolate products featuring paper-based designs – including business cards and folded greeting or welcome cards.

If you choose to order your paper-based custom chocolate product on our website, we request that you submit your design as an Illustrator file (.ai) through the set-up fee product page, as described above for packaging. Make sure you follow the dimensions of the products for the quickest turnover (Business Cards: 9cm x 5.5cm, Small Folded Cards: 11cm x 10cm (unfolded), Large Folded Cards: 16cm x 15cm (unfolded)).

We recommend keeping key design elements and text at least 5mm away from the edges.

If you are unable to submit your own Illustrator design, feel free to write any design requests or text you would like printed in the Design Requests box on the Customise screen. Contact us with any questions.


Illustrator (.ai) Files

All font layers in Illustrator should be converted into outlines or curves. This prevents unexpected font changes during production.

All outside images used in Illustrator must be embedded to prevent broken links.


Photoshop (.psd) Files

All font layers in Photoshop should be rasterized. This prevents unexpected font changes during production.


If our Custom Business Chocolate offerings don’t suit your needs, feel free to contact us for a quote on fully customized options. We can produce chocolate gift sets with customised chocolate placements, logo positioning, and overall packaging to suit your needs. For more details, click here.


DIY Design Chocolates

Our DIY Design Chocolates make it easy for anyone to get a customized chocolate set without going through the trouble of using design programs. Use our library of stock designs, including letters and numbers, to create a unique gift for a loved one.

Simply click the stock design you would like for each piece and check how it looks on the Preview image.

Photo DIY Design Chocolates include a space to upload your own photo, which is printed in colour on the chocolate using food-safe colouring.

sample image of the DIY design chocolate customisation screen