Our Clients


At More Than Chocolate, we offer tasty custom treats perfect for any occasion or business. With over a decade of experience in the chocolate industry, we feel confident in stating that you will love not only the look, but the taste of our chocolates as well!

Our clients range from world class brands, to luxury hotels and small family owned businesses. We can even make personal party treats for baby showers and birthday parties. We are ready for any challenge!

Since 2008, we have been able to design custom treats for some of the largest brands on the planet. A few of our favorite partners include:

- Audi

- Mercedes Benz

- Lancome

- G-Shock

- Blizzard Entertainment

- Monblanc


So, as you can see, our chocolates have been around the block! We have the tools and ability to produce our custom chocolates en masse, and meet the needs of any client-big or small. All you have to do next is place your order and get your very own custom chocolate treats made by our expert chocolatiers.