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Chocolate Singles "Thank You" Tuck End box

Chocolate Singles "Thank You" Tuck End box

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Consulte la página Cómo hacer un pedido antes de realizar el pedido .

Se agrega automáticamente una tarifa de instalación de $ 100 a cada pedido de diseño. La tarifa de configuración no se aplica a los pedidos del mismo diseño y producto dentro de 1 año. Para obtener disposiciones detalladas de exención de tarifas de configuración, consulte la sección de tarifas de instalación a continuación.

Exprese su gratitud poniendo sus propios chocolates diseñados a medida en una pequeña caja ecológica grabada con frase de agradecimiento

* Tamaño de chocolate: 1.6 "x1.6"

* Dimensión del paquete: 2.4" x2.4" x0.6"


Pedido mínimo: 20

Set Up Fee

By default, a set up fee of $100 is charged on first order or new design orders.

However, if you order the same design for the same product within 1 year, the setup fee will be waived.

If you fit the exemption condition, please let us know first by chat or email before proceeding with the order in order to waive the set-up fee.

If the design you want to order is confirmed as the same design order within 1 year, we will issue and give you a set-up fee exemption discount code.

Product Details / Ingredients

Weight: 8g (per chocolate)

55.7% Cacao (Dark Chocolate)

Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Butter, Whole Milk Powder, Lecithin, Titanium Dioxide, Natural Spices (Vanilla Flavoring)

Contains milk, soy.

Nutrition Information

Servings Per Container: 1
Serving Size: 8g

Energy: 42 Cal / 176 kJ
Protein: 0g (1%)
Total Fat: 3g (5%)
- Saturated fat: 2g (11%)
- Carbohydrates: 4g (1%)
- Sugars: 4g (4%)


Shelf Life: 12 months

Store chocolates at room temperature, away from direct sunlight or heating units.

Avoid storing in humid environments.

White or gray residue on the chocolates is chocolate bloom, and is not a cause for concern. It may be caused or made worse by incorrect storage.


Production Time: 2 weeks

Air: 3-7 days post-production
Surface: Up to 6 weeks post-production

All Made to Order products are made at our main production facility in South Korea before being shipped to you. Shipping times and rates may vary depending on the current situation, but we will do our best to get your products to you in a quick and affordable manner.

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